Free Style

Endless expanses, total freedom. MELDORFER® FREE STYLE is all about venturing to the outer limits, seeking out new challenges and discovering previously unfathomable opportunities. Explore new creative horizons in façade and interior design and find outstanding solutions to suit your material, colour, shape and texture needs.


Totally unique

Explore new design horizons

Inspired by the constant desire to create something new, Meldorfer® Free Style is a range without limits. Like virtually no other material, Original Meldorfer® products open up the possibility of creating unique, exciting design concepts in both interior and exterior applications – and with consistently outstanding quality. They can make almost any design dream come true.

All kinds of different formats and format combinations are available, and are created using a pattern that is produced according to the planner’s specifications. From custom-designed reliefs to organic, amorphous shapes, and polygons and ellipses to complex artistic designs, this range accommodates the full spectrum of solutions for façades and rooms.

Original Meldorfer®

For creative, artistic design concepts

Code 4110/1
Joint colour: anthracite

Endless possibilities

Original Meldorfer® products open up a whole range of attractive solutions covering everything from organic and amorphous elements to polygons and ellipses, all the way through to complex artistic designs.

Code 3992/1
Joint colour: cement grey
Code 4111/1
Joint colour: anthracite
Code 3991/3
Joint colour: cement grey
Code 4166/1
Joint colour: cement grey

New design horizons

Meldorfer® Free Style is all about extraordinary solutions for colour, shape and texture.
Its versatile, malleable material can make almost any design dream come true.