The factory

The production work that takes place at the MELDORFER® factory in Schleswig-Holstein is the perfect blend of technology and tradition. Cutting-edge machinery is an essential ingredient, but the process also relies heavily on craftsmanship, experience and finesse due to the traditional artisan methods that have always been a hallmark of the surfaces we produce. High standards and strict production specifications ensure that the quality of our products remains consistently outstanding.


Original Meldorfer®

Hand-crafted quality

Every single flat facing brick is one of a kind, and over the past 40 years or so, one place has given birth to them all: our factory in Nindorf, situated near the seaside resort of St. Peter-Ording. Always individual while staying true to their design, all of our surfaces deliver the kind of quality that comes from true craftsmanship. That’s the Original Meldorfer® brand promise. Both the design and function of our flat facing bricks set exceptional standards. Measuring just 4 to 6 millimetres thick, they are much lighter and more cost-effective to handle than solid bricks and brick slips.

And they are just as hard-wearing, thanks to the in-depth research and development that goes into them – plus our years of experience and proven material compositions. While the raw materials are machine-processed, traditional artisan methods are always used to give the surfaces their own unique final finish. More than 90 percent of the material in the flat facing bricks is made up of natural sand, ground stone and high-quality mineral fillers.

The techniques used to produce our flat facing bricks are key to ensuring that each one achieves certain standards of quality. For around 40 years now, they have been produced using artisan methods at our factory in Schleswig-Holstein. Strict development and production standards allow the very light material used in the products to deliver consistently excellent quality.