Interior design

ORIGINAL MELDORFER® is the perfect choice for spaces that communicate safety and security, exude warmth and take on a style that’s all their own. Their range of colours, shapes and textures delivers everything from cool Nordic atmospheres to warmer Mediterranean-style concepts. Our flat facing bricks provide just as diverse a range of options for interiors as they do in other applications, making them a viable alternative to conventional textile wall coverings and plasters.


For rooms with character

Traditional or a twist

Original Meldorfer® products are easy and exceptionally cost-effective to use on virtually any substrate – making them an ideal choice even for challenging interior design projects. Our flat facing bricks are right at home in foyers, reception halls, showrooms and private homes alike, creating spaces with real flair. With their unique look and the exceptionally diverse range of choices they provide, they are a stylish, intriguing alternative to conventional textile wall coverings and plasters.

Flat facing bricks provide a particularly affordable way of creating the rustic exposed brick looks that are a current favourite in interior design trends. At just 5 kilograms or so per square metre, the low weight of Original Meldorfer® products is another advantage – allowing them to be used with ease even on lightweight walls. With a range of atmospheric colour shades, formats and joint patterns available, the possibilities opened up to interior design concepts are virtually endless.

Wall concepts in restaurants

Flat facing bricks provide a highly cost-effective way to create the solid, rustic look of stone: they are simply bonded to the wall materials with adhesive. Original Meldorfer® products can even be used with ease on lightweight walls – making them an ideal choice for bringing all kinds of distinctive interior design visions to life.

Beautiful details
This counter at a DAW SE trade fair booth was created using flat facing bricks. The robust surfaces are ideal for applications that are exposed to sources of significant mechanical strain.